Trust the Experts in Residential Elevator Design & Manufacturing.

Southeastern Elevator is the only manufacturer in the Carolinas to specialize in custom-designed residential elevators for both new construction and existing homes. We also offer a line of light commercial (churches and offices) and outdoor lifts. Most of our competitors supply standard sized elevators regardless of the space available. However, at Southeastern Elevator we custom-design and build each elevator to optimize the available space using the highest quality materials and components.

Southeastern Elevator is committed to providing the best possible product to all of our customers, so many additional features are included standard in our basic package. While our competitors mainly use proprietary, foreign, and difficult-to-find components in their designs, we use commercially available off-the-shelf components, sourced in the United States and easy to find. This means our elevators have far shorter lead-times, and can be serviced faster and at less cost.

Since we custom-design each and every residential elevator, our elevators are a better fit, both physically and aesthetically in any construction. We work with architects, contractors, and homeowners to offer the perfect system for our customers, and our team is committed to innovation and continuous improvement.

At Southeastern Elevator, we are committed to top-notch customer service. Boasting over 30 years of experience, we are active members of the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC), are fully licensed and insured, and offer the industry’s most comprehensive warranty. Likewise, our affordable maintenance programs are designed to maximize the life of your elevator and to ensure safe and smooth operation.