Our Contractor Promise

At Southeastern Elevator, we work hard to make the shaft preparation and elevator installation the easiest part of your construction process. We don’t like surprises and know that you don’t either – we’ll preform multiple site visits throughout the course of your project to ensure shaft preparation is progressing according to plan.

 We build ALL of our cabs custom in house from real 3/4″ maple plywood and source our components from USA manufacturers with the best products to create a premium package at a very competitive price. Our custom cabs allow us to maximize the shaft size you have available, regardless of dimensions.

Best of all, we keep our components in stock – so we have the fastest lead time around. When you’re ready for us, we are ready for you.

Our 2-day installation is the quickest in the area. We’ve been in the elevator business for a while, and over the years have developed a system of installation that is unique to us and more efficient than our competitors. 

After the installation, we’ll work with all of the service needs your homeowners may have for many years to come. We’re easy to work with and offer timely, reasonably priced service

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