3hp double drum motor

Mounted in the top of the shaft (as opposed to in the attic or machine room) 

variable speed drive

For smooth takeoff & landing

custom built cab

All wood construction, built to fit your elevator shaft

The Nitty Gritty Details

We believe that a standard package should include everything you need for a fully operational elevator. Essential features shouldn’t be considered extras, in our opinion. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of features all included in the standard package for this elevator.

  • Custom Built All Wood Cab
  • USA Manufactured Components
  • Hand Built Solid Hardwood Handrail
  • 950lb Weight Capacity
  • 40 Feet Per Minute Traveling Speed
  • Commercial Type Design with Heavy Duty Components & T-89 Guide Rails
  • Brushed Stainless Fixtures
  • Integrated Full Feature Telephone
  • Automatic Recessed LED Lighting
  • Integrated Digital Position Indicator
  • Code Compliant Locking Hard Hinged Accordion Gates for Safety & Durability
  • Manufacturer’s LImited Product Warranty – 3 Years Parts*/1 Year Labor
    *Requires Annual Maintenance

Looking For More?

In addition to the list of features included as standard equipment in our package, we also offer a wide variety of options & upgrades – so you can customize your elevator to be a truly unique, valuable part of your home.